Why The Biggest Living Philosopher Slavoj Zizek Endorse Trump!

NeSlavoj Zizek is born and educated in Former Yugoslavian Republic of Slovenia – the same place where Melania Trump comes from. Republic of Slovenia is now member of European community and member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He is considered as one of the few biggest (if not the biggest) living philosopher in the world and it’s absolutely true if we say he is the biggest living philosopher in Europe.

He is self proclaimed Marxist, ideology which was widely accepted by the former USSR and Warsaw Pact countries. It is surprisingly that the same ideology was embraced by some of the Obama and Clinton political mentors. In this VIRAL video Slavoj Zizek explains why he is not impressed by Trump but if he was American citizen he would probably vote for him.

Here we will present two videos. The first one is less than two minute watch and presents the essence of his political views. The second video is his full interview – 20 minute watch.

I am horrified by TRUMP, but HILLARY is a real DANGER!

Full Interview with Slavoj Zizek: How Trump Was Elected! – 20 minutes

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