Deplorables – By Voting For Trump You Just Escape Deployment in FEMA Camps!

In this article I will  dare to analyze two completely different subjects: The first one is Hillary Clinton opinion about Deplorables which as she pointed are about half of Donald Trump Supporters and the second subject is FEMA camp theory

As Hillary Clinton pointed: – “You can put half of the Donald Tramp supporters in what I call BASKET OF DEPLORABLE’s”… She continues: They are racist, sexists, homophobic, xenophobes, Islamophobic, you name it… She invites her listeners to finish the list… What she forget to put on her list are hard working people, family people, Christians,  people who have traditional values… She was talking about more than 100 million Americans.

So if you feel you are belong to this group of people let me remind you that you already have a target on your back. The target which Hillary Clinton put there. Now when you are named with this names, this mean that your (and our) life worth less than lives of the other people… Now everybody can point his finger (or something else) at you and say – you are lesser person than I am… Same thing was happening with the Jews during the WW2… And we all know where those poor people end their life (article continue below this video)…

As you know the biggest crime in the WW2 was building of concentration camps in Eastern Germany, Poland and West USSR, where more than 11 million Jews, Russians, Roma and Slavic population was exterminated. They was invited there for EXTENDED or PROLONGED DETENTION – The same term was used by Barack Hussein to explain FEMA CAMPS).

Is this too crazy for contemplating? Imagine having a time machine so you can go in Germany in 1936. Meet some nice German people and inform them that within 10 years they will start a war, lose the war and in the meantime they will exterminate 11 million Jews, Russians, Roma and Slavic population. What will be their reaction?

hillary clinton hitler salute

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