F 35 – Shocking Embarrassment Continues

f 35 lemon aircraft

The F-35 was born of exceptionally dumb idea PR spin by the top brass in USAF. F35 was planned to be the second part of what they were calling a hi-low mix… In this mix the HIGH component is the famous air-superiority fighter F 22. This plane need to take care for the other planes in the sky. Everything else – which mean most of the battle missions need to be carried by the F35 which need to be a multi-role fighter.

But what went wrong. First this airplane is the most expensive piece of the military equipment in the world. Second – it can deliver all promised capabilities. Actually it can do anything good according most of the military aviation experts including Pierre Spray – the F 16 Falcon and A 10 Warthog constructor.

In one moment the host asks: Then what is the idea? What is all about? … …

Please watch this video if you like to know more…

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