Why Special Relations With Saudi Arabia Hurt USA

During the Soviet aggression in Afghanistan, Saudis was providing financial help for anti soviet fighters there, they were sending American weapons to mujahedin forces and the most importantly, during the last period of the Cold War, Saudis dropped the price of the oil which was the main source of income for the USSR. In the period of 8 years (1980-1988) the price of oil dropped from $110 to only $29. The result was devastating for the USSR economy and finally in 1989 Soviet Union fall apart…

During the both gulf wars Saudi Arabia was the stage area for attack on Iraq and so on, and so on… We can continue with the fairy tale about how great is the cooperation with Saudis, but they also were sponsors for many anti American terrorist groups, including the group which was responsible for 9/11 terrorist attack – one of the biggest in the world and on the American soil.

Other operations which Saudis are doing without the knowledge for most of American citizens is that they are sponsoring groups and NGO’s which openly asks for Sharia Low. Council for American Islamic Relations, Islamic Society for North America, Muslim Student Association are only few… Surprisingly Saudis are also sponsors for American Radical Leftists, many Democratic Party groups and many congressman, senators and other government officials. They are also main sponsors for George Soros “Open society” and they own or sponsor many main stream media in USA.

Do USA need a new Middle East friend. If the answer is Yes – we believe that Iraq, Egypt, Israel Turkey can fit the bill. What about a new Kurdish state? State which can be founded with a help of USA and helped to be a free democratic society…

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The original article first appeared at Capitalism Report as Special relations with Saudi Arabia must be stopped, right now!

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  1. The canine analogy is excellent here as it brilliantly exposes the hypocrisy of the &#i3;l9beral' position. However, you say, unlike wild dogs, "..Muslims are not morally disabled … Muslim violence is a choice."But, 1400 years of indoctrination means that many Muslims really are conditioned to violencelike wild dogs. Bearing in mind how immense and strategic was the Allies' de-nazification programme in West Germany after WW2 (which was required after just 10 years of Nazi indoctrination)it would take at least two generations of massive de-Islamisation across the whole Muslim world to muzzle them.

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