Washington Post Fake Article Based on Fake Research About Fake Russian Propaganda

What we can expect from a 140 years old newspaper? Probably We will expect undisputed quality, double and triple check on the facts before publishing, truth, truth and nothing but the truth. But with this presidential elections this 140 years of quality working are now brought to question!

Washington Post fake news

Desperate to explain Donald Trump victory which none of the mainstream media was not even dreaming(and score some additional interest from their readers), the chief editors in Washington Post sided with a dubious group PropOrNot, which as they say for themselves are nonpartisan experts on Russian Propaganda. Together they posted a list of more than 200 web sites which as they were claiming are groups working for Russia or Russian propaganda centers.

The truth is actually quite opposite. There are thousands of websites and blogs which have different view than mainstream media and therefore they seldom posting and publishing similar views as MSM (Main Stream Media). In the last few years the technology needed to have your own SSM (Side Stream Media) outlet become accessible to most of the people and with the emerging of the social media everybody can get a quite an attention. Knowing this MSM are using every chance to mock this outlets…

Facing threats of legal action from dozens of this web sites and small news outlets (nobody like to see his blog or web site on the: “Russian Propaganda List”), the Washington Post had no other choice, but to add an editor’s note distancing the newspaper from a dubious website – PropOrNot, which it had initially endorsed as a group of nonpartisan experts on “Russian propaganda.”

For more about Washington Post Fake Research on Fake News please watch the video below:

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