Viral: Star Wars Imperial Walker in Your Front Yard

Can you imagine this? – Star Wars Imperial Walker in Your Front Yard. You just waking up at the morning, turn on your espresso machine and go at the front door to take your morning paper. You open the door and you can not believe what your see. THE FULL SIZE IMPERIAL WALKER standing just a few yards from yo with all four blasters pointed in your unwashed face!

Darek Zabrocki imperial walkers
Artist: Darek Zabrocki. For more incredible art by this artist visit

This is not too far from the reality. Mr. Colin Furze from England and his team of a star-wars crazy fans choose his backyard in United Kingdom to build a life-size AT-AT walker from the Rogue One, the latest movie in ‘Star Wars’ franchise. They needed a month to accomplish this I must say original work. It is not real only from the outside, but if you have chance to get in, you will find a black faux leather chair where you can seat and fire those blasters…

If you have a Star Wars Facebook friend, you might consider to share this with him… or her… or it… And if you do that may the force be with you…

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