Tu-22 VS Aircraft Carrier? Is This Still Possible

Powerful naval radars catch the adversary carrier group or naval strike group consisted of several cruisers, amphibious assault ship, few destroyers and half a dozen corvettes in the area where other country vital interests are hurt. It can be everywhere and players are not necessary Russia and USA… Diplomatic communication and messages are exchanged, but the diplomatic solution is simply not on the table. Both sides strongly believe that the red line is crossed.

Tu 22 followed by two Sukhoi Su fighter jets
Tu 22 followed by two Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets

Six modernized Tu-22M (NATO code name Backfire ) – strategic maritime bombers take off from the nearest military airport. The task is to join two Tu-160 White Swan (NATO code name Blackjack) heavy bombers which are already in the air on their regular patrol. Both aircraft types are equipped with the latest sub/supersonic air to ship missiles probably KH-35 URAN (GRAU: 3M24, NATO: SS-N-25 Switchblade) or 3M 54Klub, Kalibr (NATO: SS-N-27A Sizzler). Four Sukhoi Su-30 take off from the same airport with an order to provide clear sky for the bomber group.

Tu-160 Blackjack
Tu-160 Blackjack

Both bomber types are launching a salvo of 20 of this missiles. Twelve of those missiles are launched from the Tu-22 Backfire group and another eight from the Tu 160 Blackjack’s…

This video below is only to get idea what might happen. We will be more than happy if informed visitors will watch this video and comment what might happen if we place in this scenario the newest supersonic anti-ship missiles and the newest anti missile ship protection systems.

This short video presents attack on aircraft carrier by four T22M.

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