EARLY WARNING: Putin Will Oust Merkel by Ordering Migrant Sex Attacks in Germany???

If German Chancellor Angela Merkel lost the next elections they already have who to blame. According to Gustav Gresse, self proclaimed Russia expert – Mr. Vladimir Putin and Mr. Bashar Al Assad will order Russian and Syrian secret services to recruit migrants in Germany to carry sexual attacks in order to destabilize Germany. Some of the European mainstream media like UK Daily Mail and Express and German Bild already started with reporting and building story about this fake claims.

Angela Merkel migrant refugee sex attack Cologn
Angela Merkel with a map pointing sexual attacks committed by migrants in 2016!

The only thing which need to be explained is who was orchestrated all those sexual attacks happening in Germany and Austria during the last two years? Only in 2016 the figures are more than shocking! More than 2150 females (most of them from the German origin) were sexually attacked and more than 200 were raped. Four hundred German girls were sexually attacked in the public swimming pools.

Who was orchestrated mass sexual attacks in Cologne during the New Year’s Eve?! This was also Russian and Syrian secret services black ops?

We were surrounded by 20-30 male persons trying to get their hands under our skirts…

Video about the Cologne attacks explaining what really happened and how it was reported by mainstream media and official City of Cologne web site.

It is really disgusting how Germans lost their ability to defend and even claim that attacks did not happened?!

The idea about blaming someone else is not new. After the lost elections, Hillary Clinton controlled CIA wing also come with some allegations that Russian hackers rigged the elections in Donald Trump favor. Although there was no proof for this, the mainstream media start to inform about this claims as they are very real and undisputed truth. This narrative continued even after some CIA officials admitted that there are no evidence for Russian involvement in the elections. Some of the main stream media also had some narrative about how Macedonian teenagers with their blogs helped Donald Trump to win?! Please share this article with your friends on your favored social network and help the truth to spread to as many people as possible.

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