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Henry Ford Wife Electric Car Experience

Electric transportation is a big hip in the last few years. But actually electric transportation is at least old as transportation based on fossil fuels. In the beginning of the time of the motorized gasoline cars (like 100 years ago) – electric cars was very usual sight on the streets of the bigger American cities.


One of the less known fact is that the wife of one of the captains of the automotive and car industry Henry Ford – Clara Ala Bryant was a big fan of the electric cars. She was proud owner and driver of Detroit Electric Brougham. She was so in love with this car, so she was buying new model every two years. Her comment about gasoline cars was: They are too noisy, too smelly and to dangerous.

Detroit Electric Car Model 46 Roadster 1914
Clara Ala Bryant – Henry Ford wife Detroit Electric Car Model 46 Roadster 1914

But similar to present times, electric cars was also several times more expensive than gasoline cars. People preferred gasoline cars not only because they were cheaper, but also because the gas was cheap and refiling was taking only a minute or two, just like today.

So electric cars are expensive and takes time to recharge. It’s not sound like the perfect car for you right? WRONG! Let’s just thing a little about our daily routine. Waking up in the morning, have coffee and breakfast and then going to work from nine to five? If this is what best describe your daily routine you might consider an electric car as your second or even first vehicle parked at your driveway. Your new electric car can be recharged overnight during your eight hour beauty sleep. Actually most of the new 2017 electric car models do not need eight hours recharging – they will be quite full with only several hours and they can save you up to $1600 annually. Not visiting the local gas station – PRICELESS!

Assuming 15,000 miles driven per year, Plug-In America came up with an an annual fuel cost of $2,135. However, with an estimated average electricity rate of 12 cents per kWh, it pegged the annual electric car energy cost at just $540, meaning drivers could save $1,595 per year.

bmw e3 charging home

Eight most affordable 2017 electric car models

From the cheapest to the most expensive – this are eight most affordable 2017 electric cars models:

2017 Mitsubishi i-MiEV – MRSP $22.950 – America’s most affordable electric car

2017 Ford Focus Electric- MRSP $29.120

2017 Nissan LEAF – MRSP $30.680

2017 FIAT 500e – MRSP $31.800

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – MRSP $36.620

2017 B-Class Mercedes-Benz B250e – MRSP $39.900

2017 BMW i3 – MRSP $42.400

2017 Toyota Mirai – MRSP $57.500

Although this list is not the end of the offer, we are mentioning this eight cars, because they are most affordable. None of this cars are similar to others so there are something for anyone taste. Sedan or hatchback, four doors or five, hi tech or spartan… There are really everything for everyone. Did we mentioned incentives? This cars can be even cheaper if you live in one of those states which have electric car incentive program.

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