Internet Celebrity By Coincidence: What is The Real Name of Hugh Mungus

Hugh Mungus who’s real name is Rudy Pantoja, a Seattle resident has fulfill the dream of millions of people around the world. Namely he become Internet celebrity without even trying. This is his story:

Event – Open discussion about the construction of the new police station in Seattle area.
Location of the event- Seattle city hall.
What Rudy Pantoja was doing there? He was there to show support to Seattle Police Department and city officials, because they were involved in saving his daughter from drug problems.

hugh mungus

While having an interview by the TV crew from the TV network, Rudy Pantoja was also filmed by the Zarna Joshi, a Black Lives Matter activist.

Rudy Pantoja noticed that she was filming her and when she asked for his name he simply reply: Hugh Mungus. She continued to ask Hugh Mungus WHAT and Rudy continued to say Hugh Mungus. After several repeating of the question Zarna Joshi is freaking out and started to scream about sexual harassment.

After this (dad joke caliber comedy) joke Zarna Joshi accused him of sexual harassment. Also she demanded police to be called, but when police arrive at the scene , she refused to speak to them.

During the screaming and false victimization Zarna Joshi was sober and not that furious to “forget” to record a video of the whole event. This video can be found if you simply go to YouTube and enter “Hugh Mungus” in the search box.

Original HUGH MUNGUS Video

After this event this video was posted on YouTube and become instant sensation and Rudy become instant celebrity. Most of the YouTubers are on his side, but there are some feminists who are taking Zarna Joshi side.

Now on YouTube there are dozens (if not hundred) hilarious videos inspired by Original HUGH MUNGUS Video. We choose this one as one of the most interesting, but let me warn you, I spend two hours and watched almost all of this videos. Almost all are great fun…

We Almost forget to mention that Rudy made more thin $150.000 thanks to this event.

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