Final Barack Cry Baby Speech – Blaming Others For Being The Worst President EVER!

After eight years in the office Barack Obama have nothing or almost nothing to be proud of. In the last eight years he made America weaker than ever. He did nothing to prevent loosing of more than ten million of jobs, destruction of the entire industries and migrating jobs abroad. During Barack Obama eight year term millions of Americans was voluntarily displaced from their homes and birth places simply by the grim fact they did not had a chance to find a job in their town or area near. Large swaths of American territory was abandoned and now are simply empty. Dozens of towns and cities are now abandoned ghost areas. People who are still there are living desperate life far from their relatives and children, a life with low quality communal services and communications. In the past eight years this people was simply forgotten or deliberately ignored.

In the mean time millions of illegal immigrants arrived in the country and start working for lower wages than legal citizens of this country. This was another blow to the living standard of the legal citizens, because in those terms on the market they was simply forced to agree to work for lower wage or stay without job.

One of the worse creations of Barack Obama was his politic and security agenda which was week and unsuccessful against the modern and ever-evolving threats from domestic and international terrorism. His politic against infiltrated Islamic militants on American soil was simply non existent and very often he was principal supporter of those shady dark organizations.


On the international scene Barack Obama managed to be even worse. He and his partner in crime – Hillary Clinton managed to start wars in half a dozen of countries including prosperous pro-west Libya and Syria. They started the pro-Nazi coup in Kiev, where thousands of people died in the armed clashes between newly formed Terror Battalions (backed and trained by dozen of western countries including USA) and freedom fighters from East-Ukraine. In the Middle East they managed to arm and train rebels – very often fractions close to Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. Millions and even billions of US taxpayers dollars was spend in a shady and mostly unsuccessful operations which was not even designed and organized to help US interests around the world.

What Barack Obama offered with his last speech? The answer is very simple. He offered nothing but blaming game and pointing others for his epic fail. In this video (4.59min.) for the disastrous foreign politic hi blames president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

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