Senator Mike Lee: Obama Appointed USA Ambassadors Giving Millions to Soros

New Trump administration is facing another hot potato left by the former Obama administration. The issue is urgent and sensitive both for American domestic and for USA foreign policy. There are warning information from some of the most respected media in country but also from abroad that there are several American ambassadors appointed by the former Obama administration who were not working for American interests abroad, but for Soros interests and they were close supporters to Soros Foundation agendas.

What Soros Foundation is doing in Southeast Europe and How USA ambassadors are following this agenda which is an action of TREASON or very close to it!?

This question is answered by Wes Martin – Retired Colonel, US Army. As an example he is pointing Macedonia, a land-lock country north of Greece and important doorstep for migrants going to Europe.

In his article for Daily Caller he explains: Macedonia is fighting enemy within its own borders: billionaire George Soros and his Foundation. Soros and his organization, disguised as an international civil society partner, have been meddling in Macedonia and its politics for years. For over a quarter of a century, the American group has dumped millions of dollars into always attacking  VMRO DPMNE party no matter if in Government or opposition and always supporting SDSM – former Communist party of Macedonia. This is a clear-cut case of an attempt to buy influence, insert itself into Macedonian politics and media, and create instability across the country and the region.

How USA Ambassadors in Macedonia and in several other South East Europe countries are helping Soros Foundation instead to work for American interests in this region?

jess baily macedonia soros
U.S. Ambassador in Macedonia, Mr. Jess Baily gives $10 million to Soros Foundations and Soros affiliated organizations.

The US Embassy in Macedonia has frequently been the subject of criticism over the tens of millions USD it has awarded, mainly through the USAID Democracy and Governance project (yes, this is money from American tax payers), to the Foundation Open Society Macedonia directly (yes – your money goes to Soros Organization with just a sign from American ambassador in this country), and to numerous smaller affiliated organizations. USAID Macedonia (USA tax payers money) awarded one of the largest such projects to FOSM (Soros – Macedonia) right  before the US Presidential elections, and the 9,5 million USD grant is currently being implemented (in this very moment your money are on the SOROS account and are available for SOROS projects).

Fortunately there are still a honest people in American politic which are not on the Soros bribe list: Senator Mike Lee called out US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily to explain his policy of awarding millions in grants to the George Soros led Foundation Open Society Macedonia.

WHY USA need strong allies in South East Europe. This is what Maj.Gen. Ronald Johnson, Retired Major General, U.S. Army have to say about:

“In June, Macedonian police arrested four men they suspected to have fought alongside ISIS. Authorities estimate as many as 130 people have fought or are currently fighting alongside Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq.  And recent reports indicate as many as 1000 fighters have traveled from the western Balkans to support militias in Syria and Iraq.”

What is really happening in several South East European countries is that Soros Foundation with US taxpayers money is fighting against US allies! The question arise: How many American service members are paying with their lives and how much USA spends to counter the position of our weak allies. Weak because we (Soros with our money) make them weak?

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